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Our client purchased a large ranch home about 30 – 40 years old on a beautiful lake and wanted to make this, in his words, “ugly home beautiful” and reconfigure the interior to fit their life style. The home had a recessed front entry not visible from the driveway approach, rooms were smaller than desired, bathrooms and laundry showed their age, a large window well was dysfunctional and leaked, and there were traffic flow challenges. We decided to soften the harshness of the all brick exterior through the use of redwood trim and accent panels. We replaced all the doors, including garage doors, with wood doors, and added a larger extended front entry with heavy wood beam supporting the new covered porch and exposed aggregate porch and walk. The window well was redesigned to be an accent on the interior of the home utilized to display a sculpture. The interior was completely remodeled with new and relocated walls. Bathrooms and laundry were redesigned for aesthetics and function. Floors were updated with new carpet, tile and wood. All plumbing fixtures were replaced with Grohe fixtures. Finally, a new high efficiency boiler was installed to handle both heat and hot water while reducing the utility costs.